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“Welcome to the beginning of your wellness journey; incorporating mind, body, and health with personalized strategies to strengthen your inner healer.”
Nakea Fournier

Improving the Mind Body Connection

Are you ready to stop the endless diets that never seem to work? Or maybe you want to upgrade and optimize your healthy lifestyle? Together we will build a personalized plan to nourish your mind, body and soul.

Offering coaching and consulting by supporting clients to reach their goals and enact health modification to maintain your sometimes hectic life.

Through supportive collaboration we will focus on nutrition, physical activity, relationships, career, spirituality and more by improving your mind body connection.

Our relationship between food, lifestyle and the effects it has on our health is my primary focus. 

Health Coach

healthy lifestyle coaching

How Can I Help?

By supporting my clients to achieve their health and wellness goals through lifestyle and behavior modifications. Everything from losing unwanted weight to de-stressing and regaining energy, to improving nutrition and even taming disease. I also mentor, inspire, guide and motivate to cultivate positive health choices that create a nutritional mindset.

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“Everything we eat, breath, think or do will either build our health or build our disease. The choice is ours and every choice counts.”
Meghan Telpner
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Jessica C🥰

Nakea is an amazing human being that I have known for almost 20 years. She has a true passion for not only body health but mental health as well. I started working with her as my nutritional health coach back in May of last year. My purpose was to lose weight and be healthy again. I have had many health issues and had to take a lot of medications. Nakea knew just how to navigate through all of those things and she has helped me lose over 40lbs now! Meeting with her in person every 2 weeks was like coming home. She has given me all the tools and more to give me back a healthy lifestyle. She really is a true angel that will help guide you through the sometimes difficult process of losing weight and changing your mindset. She has an immense wealth of knowledge ready to share with anyone who wants to change for the better both physically and mentally.